The UK Siddha Yoga Community

The goal of all SYD UK’s efforts is to make the Siddha Yoga teachings easily available to seekers in the United Kingdom. The beneficial impact of this work is apparent in the number and types of projects it supports.

SYD UK works closely with the SYDA Foundation, which conducts courses, Shaktipat Intensives and retreats, so that these Siddha Yoga events are available for seekers in the United Kingdom. SYD UK also oversees the administration of all the UK Siddha Yoga meditation centres and chanting groups.

SYD UK is a non-profit organisation. The Board of Trustees is made up of long-time Siddha Yoga students who continue to support the vision and mission of the SYDA Foundation.

National Office and Enquiry Line

Tel: 0300 772 9629

National Bookstore

To receive more information about the UK bookstore, and a stock list, please email or call the National Office and Enquiry Line during normal office hours.

SYD UK Company Details

Registered company number: 04217305
Registered charity number: 1090984

Registered Address

1 Bartholomew Close
United Kingdom

SYD UK Policies

SYD UK Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination

SYD UK Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

SIDDHA YOGA is a registered trademark of SYDA Foundation®. SHAKTIPAT INTENSIVE is a trademark of SYDA Foundation. They are used here under license by SYD UK CLG.

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